Global Cricket Community is founded by Swapnil Karekar and the core team members are Swapnil Karekar, Tushar Sawant, and Goraksh Kivale.

Swapnil Karekar

He is the Founder of Global Cricket Community and Chairman of Swapnil Karekar Creative Solutions LLP. This Idea of a global community for cricket came to Swapnil Karekar back in 2006 when he faced the challenges of cricket growth as a player. In 2008, Swapnil Karekar started a website for to connect cricket players, clubs and fans around the world. Later after the 2011 world cup, Swapnil started the GLOBAL CRICKET COMMUNITY website.

Swapnil Karekar has experience in IT, Training, Visual Design and Business Consultation. Having practised entrepreneurship since 11 years and also working as Training Consultant to corporate and small businesses he has successfully created websites, animations, cricket projects, android projects, also strategy and marketing projects. The love for cricket and the learnings from cricket makes him work in the Global Cricket Community. He handles the Africa Zone for clubs and Global Cricket Community members.

The Vision of Global Cricket Community, the strategy and planning are lead by Swapnil Karekar. His book "Be Great Love Cricket" is soon to be published. He has detailed action plans, business strategy, and financial management vision of making this Global Cricket Community inspire and empower the community members to fulfil their dreams with cricket and creativity.

Tushar Sawant:

Fundraising and cricket development are Tushar Sawant's role in Global Cricket Community. He handles the Europe Zone for clubs and GCC members. Having done project consultation for small business, website and IT products he is clear and quick in planning the development projects. Understand the members' requirements and challenges is a skill that makes him successful as a core team member of management.

Tushar loves to travel, play cricket and participate in cultural activities. He is active in social projects and community projects. Wonderful person with honest and straight forward working style.

Goraksh Kivale:

Community engagement and marketing are the key roles of Goraksh Kivale. He is very active and always ready to experiment. He operates the marketing and engagement of cricket community. Having experience in social media marketing and online sales he is a valued member of Global Cricket Community core team. He is also a founder of FashionsRelations website. He handles the Asia Zone for clubs and GCC members.

Fun loving and active he plays cricket and kabaddi as regular sports. He loves fashion and style, Hindi music and travelling with friends. 

So this is a small description of us. We would welcome your emails at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to have GCC members around the world.

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