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Today we are going to talk about few less known records in Cricket history but this time we are taking this opportunity to tell you the records made by Women Cricketers. In the Men Section, we all have in mind Rohit Sharma for his consecutive double hundreds, team Australia as a first team to score 400+ runs in ODI and South Africa for chasing that gigantic total 434 runs. But does any one of us know what was the highest total made by the women’s national team? This blog will tell you about such memorable records by Women's Cricket. Lets start with the brief origin of Women's Cricket.

Inception of Women's Cricket:

The very first recorded women’s match was played in 1745.
The very first women’s Cricket Club was started in Yorkshire named the White Heather Club.
In 1958 the international Women’s cricket council was formed in order to connect the women’s cricket across the globe.

Since 1973 One Day international Cricket for women’s had been started and currently there are 16 teams who have played one day international matches.

Here are the few less known records by Women’s Cricket team:

1. The highest grand total is of 455 runs in one day international.

Team: New Zealand
Opponent: Pakistan
Year: 1997-1998

2. The Highest Score Chase by a team is of 289 runs.

Team : Australia
Against : New Zealand
Year: 2012-2013

3. The Lowest Score by a team is 22 runs.

Team: Netherlands
Against: West Indies
Year: 2008

Here are the few Individual Players world Record

1. The record of scoring most runs in ODI career goes to Charlotte Edwards from England who has scored a total of 5992 runs by average of 38.16.

Name: Charlotte Edwards – 5992
Team: England

2. Most Centuries by a women cricketer.

Name: Charlotte Edwards – 9 centuries
Team: England

3. Most Half-Centuries (50s) in ODI career by a women cricketer. 

Name: Charlotte Edwards – 55 Fifties
Team: England

4. The Highest Individual Score by a women cricketer in ODI.

I am feeling proud to say that Women Cricketers are very much faster than men. Highest score by a individual is by Belinda Clark who had scored her first double Hundred in 1997 against Denmark and become the first and last women Cricketer to score double hundred in ODI matches till the date.

Name: Belinda Clark: 229*
Team: Denmark
Year: 1997

5. Highest Number of Wickets taken in a single ODI Match:

Name: Sajjida Shah
Team: Pakistan
Figures: 7 wicket conceading just 4 runs
Against: Japan

That’s all for now folks. There are many more records in the name of Women's Cricket. We will cover the further records in our next article till the time stay tuned and keep visitng for all the cricket related blogs, news, coverage and much more.

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