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As we all have heard from our parents that cricket is a game which can be played anywhere and anytime, all you required is a bat and a ball to play. But I would like to add one more point to this sentence, we also need cricket ground to play cricket if we want to play on a higher level. Keeping this requirement of international standard grounds in mind cricket associations from all countries have build stadiums of huge ground and peoples capacity. here, we will know the names of Cricket Stadium which are listed among the list of biggest cricket stadiums in the world. In this list, India is on the top by developing 8 cricket stadium with maximum audience capacity out of 10 cricket stadium. Other two stadiums are in Australia with a maximum sitting capacity. Here is the list of biggest Cricket Stadiums.

  1. Melbourne Cricket Stadium: Only cricket stadium in the world who has a capacity of 1 lac and 24 sitting arrangement.
  2. Eden Garden Stadium: This stadium in the world who has a capacity of 1 lac sitting arrangement. And India’s Biggest cricket stadium till date.
  3. ANZ Cricket Stadium: It’s Third biggest cricket stadium in the world with sitting capacity of 82,500 arrangement. It’s a multi-purpose stadium in Sydney.
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium: This stadium is situated in Kochi, Kerala. The stadium has played more cricket and football matches with a sitting capacity of 75,000.
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium: This stadium is situated in Hyderabad with a sitting capacity of 65,000. It is home ground of Hyderabad Cricket Association.
  6. SVNS Cricket Stadium: It’s a fifth highest cricket stadium in the world. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 50,000.
  7. Edakochi Cricket Stadium: Edakochi Cricket Stadium is located in Kerala, India. It’s an home ground of Kerala cricket association. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 50,000 arrangement.
  8. Docklands Stadium: It’s a multi-purpose sports and entertainment stadium in Docklands of Melbourne, Australia. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 47, 000.
  9. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium: Feroz shah kotla ground is situated in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi. It is the second oldest cricket stadium in India, has a capacity of 42,820 sitting arrangement.
  10. Maharashtra Cricket Associations Stadium: It is a cricket stadium situated in Pune, India. The MCA Stadium was inaugurated in 2012 and the first match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Pune Warriors in April 2012 with sitting arrangement of 37,406.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this information helped you to know biggest stadium in the world.

Data Credit: ESPN cricinfo, Google Wikipedia.  

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