As a Sportsperson, we all have a big question arise in our mind, how to stay fit and how to maintain the strength during off- season. India has 8 months of active cricket season; afterwards cricketers take a break for almost 4 months. This was too long time of a span for any cricketer.

Sports Fitness Camp Many cricketers who are financially strong travel to foreign countries to play, but there are players who are financially not capable of spending lakhs of rupees for off season cricket. By considering the fitness of players in mind Am’s Sports and Leisure is organising Sports Fitness Camp for Cricketers & All Sportsperson.

The daily schedule of training will be divided into three sessions:

Morning      - Yoga, Endurance & Conditioning

Afternoon    - Diet Planning, Group Discussions & Mental Training.

Evening       – Power, Strength & Speed Drills.

Who will be the instructor/Coach of this camp?

Mr. Sachin Karvinde will be the head Coach of this camp, having 10 yrs of National & International experience of training and some of his training was to Stallions Cricket Academy Qatar, Doha Bank Cricket Club Qatar, Western Railway Women Cricket Team Mumbai.

He has done certification as follows:-

  1. An ICC certified Coach
  2. Cricket Australia Certified Coach
  3. ACSM Certified Sports Fitness Trainer
  4. SVYASA certified Yoga Trainer

For Cricketers and All Sportsperson interested in having such an exciting Sports Fitness Camp, contact: Tushar Sawant +91-8082542683 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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