Cricket is a new game for the Thailand. In 1995 ICC announced this country as affiliated member. After 10 years in 2005, Thailand got the status of an associated country with ICC. Mostly cricket played by Thai team against Asian teams under Asian Cricket Council.

There are a lot of opportunities in cricket and just need to get some good grounds. They organized the Women Asia Cup. It was a great achievement for them.

Mohindeen A. Kader - Chief executive and coach Thailand cricket associationMohideen A. Kader is chief executive and coach for Thailand cricket association. He played a brilliant role to develop the game in Thailand.

Bangkok Cricket League

The Bangkok Cricket League is a professional league in Bangkok, which has run under the guidance of the Cricket Association of Thailand since 2002. It's the most premier and largest league of Cricket in Thailand which is also officially recognized by the Sports Authority of Thailand. It is run voluntarily and independently by a dedicated group of people in Bangkok and is completely self-funded.

Indians who developed cricket in Thailand

Mahesh Malani - Bangkok Cricket Club. I know some names from Thai cricket who are basically Indian but did an excellent job for cricket in Bangkok Pattaya or many regions in Thailand.

The first person is Mahesh Malini. He has a cricket club in Bangkok and we can give credit him for Bangkok Cricket League. His hardworking attitude established a new cricket opportunity there. He started a club with name Bangkok Cricket Club. He is still working on cricket development in Thailand country.

Harinder Singh (Bangkok Stars) 

This gentleman's effort created a club in Bangkok.

The spirit of cricket comes from competition and he made this.

Manmohan Monty (Punjab cricket Club) 

Rajesh Pillai (Kerala Strikers)

These are some Indian names who generated a competition and made an environment of cricket there.

Foreigners who played key role Vaughan McClear - Southern Cricket Club.

Vaughan McClear is a big name in Bangkok Cricket. It's just not named, he did challenging work for cricket. He has a club Southern Cricket Club in Bangkok. There are two big names Mahesh and Vaughan McClear. McClear is a key person for Bangkok Cricket League.


Thailand cricket association organize some tournaments yearly.

U 19 boy’s games

U 19 women cricket

ACC U 16 Easter region 

CAT T20 championship

Bangkok Cricket League


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