Durbanville Cricket Club was founded 50 years back at the old field in Queen Street. The club house was build by the members themselves. The club has progressed so much in the last few years. They have participated in major tournaments and got promotion to the next level. Club has 3 fields out of which 2 are provincial rated fields.
Club caters to 3 sections of the cricket such as Men’s , Women’s And Junior Cricket teams. Currently, the club has 6 senior teams such as 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4Th XI, 5th XI, 6th XI who participate in various league matches and divisions. Each of the team plays 1A league, Reserve A, Reserve F, 40 over league third division – 3A, 3B division, and 3C respectively.

The Club also manages the Junior section from past 10 years, initially the club had started with 14 members and now it is going to be the strength of the club. The club conducts practice sessions on every Friday evening. Currently the club has 5 sections of junior Cricket which include Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13 teams. And the club has a separate objective for all of them. Like the club has a objective for under 9 players is to develop the enthusiasm and love towards the game. Coaches introduced them the basic skills and the club also allows players to play in the under 9 matches. 2 teams of the club has entered in the WPCA bakers mini-cricket league to be the familiar with match situation etc.

Women’s Cricket:

Durbanville Cricket Club is running the women’s section very nicely. The club welcomes women Cricket players to join the cricket club. Women's team have 3 Protea players and a couple of provincial players. The ladies team has also won the league 3 times. Club conducts practice section for women's on every Friday from 17:30 pm onward and plays matches on every Sunday. 

Club Achievements:

1. Durbanville 1st XI won the WPCA Premier League

2. Durbanville 2nd XI won WPCA RES A

3. Durbanville 3rd XI won WPCA Res F

Committee members:

The club have a strong Committee who believe in the game of cricket and do work on the growth of the club. I have mentioned few names of the committee members.



Arno Schipper


Dr. De Vries Basson

Vice Chairman

Dirk Crafford


Fred Visagie

Club Captain

We at thank you for maintaining the quality of cricket and involving more and more people in the game. Wish you all the very best for your future journey in cricket.

For more details kindly visit the official website of the club:


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