Svanholm Cricket Club DenmarkSvanholm Cricket Club is located in from Denmark, Founded on 1956 by Mr. Torben Jensen. Mr. Same Jensen became the first to take a “Hat-Trick”. He performed so well that he even took “2 Hat-Trick “in the same inning. Svanholm Cricket club is the most successful club in Danish History. The club has to date won 24 senior-Denmark championships. Svanholm Cricket Club has also won several youth championships, where the majority are junior championships.

Svanholm Cricket Club has 6 teams which are as follows -

  • Senior Men Team
  • Senior Women’s Team
  • Junior Team
  • Boys Team
  • Lilliput Team
  • Miniput Team

Svanholm Cricket Club has played more than 10 Leagues/Tournaments/Cups which are as follows –

  • Denmark Championship
  • Cup-Width
  • Fair Play Trophy Cup- Width
  • T20-20
  • Danish Championship
  • Indoor Championship
  • Svanholm Junior Tournament
  • Glostrup Boys Competition
  • Ishoj Boy Event
  • Koje Boy Event
  • Silkeborg Boy Competition
  • Koje Lilliput Event
  • Skanderborg Lilliput Event
  • Nykobing Lilliput Competition.

Svanholm Cricket Club Management Committee members are as follows –

Chairman – Mr. Soren Henriksen and Mr. Soren Niseen

Secretary – Mr. Henrik Pfaff

Cashier - Mr. Sahbaz Shahzad

Board Members – Mr. Jamshid Shah, Mr. Shafqat Riaz


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