The Parnell Cricket Club was founded back in 1858 and is the oldest club in New Zealand. The club since 1996 is based at the Shore Road Reserve in Remuera, Auckland. Parnell Cricket Club has been affiliated to Auckland Cricket Association since the 1883/84 and has been an integral part in developing the cricket in Auckland.

Parnell Cricket Club caters for players of all ages ranging from age 4 and ½ years to 65 years old. The club is divided into two sections – Junior and Senior.

The Junior sections plays in different levels starting from Grade 1 all the way till Under 18. As the players’ progresses according to the school academics, they move into and play in higher grades respectively. Girls are catered for at all ages. They play in mixed teams from Grade 1 to 3. At grade 4 girls can choose to move into a Girls Team only (Under 12) or stay in mixed Grade 4 team.

In the Senior section, there is a Mens Premier Team and a Womens Premier Team. Besides, there are a number of other 1-day grades and social teams. The club also has a Sunday afternoon T20 Competition which is for those who cannot play a full day’s play. The Club also runs a Last Man Stands Competition on Wednesday evenings at Bloodworth Park.

The Parnell CC's Facilities include clubrooms, changing rooms and outdoor nets at Shore Road plus a pavilion and outdoor nets at Bloodworth Park, and the recently completed Terry Jarvis Indoor Training Centre with three indoor nets.

The website of Parnell Cricket Club has a very structured data while representing the two sections namely Junior and Senior. Each grade details have been mentioned in a sophisticated manner and is very clear to understand. Having essential data of Venues, Enrollment options stating WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and Contact Information for all the grade have been stated very perfectly. This marks that the club administration and operations are so clear and focused hence producing quality cricket from the grass root level till the utmost seniority.

Maintaining excellent level of Cricket Quality and Proficiency, the club says they are all about fun, friends and fitness. It's a great place to make new friends, and also to keep in touch with old friends. The Club quotes, “We are one of the biggest cricket clubs in Auckland catering for both Junior and Senior players. We pride ourselves on being successful on the field and enjoying a great community off the field.”

Global Cricket Community congratulates the Parnell Cricket Club for their professional contribution to Auckland Cricket and their community level contribution in cricket. Global Cricket Community admires the detailed & structured approach of the club and yet salutes the feeling of maintaining Fun, Friends and Fitness. We wish the Parnell CC all the very best for future!!


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