Fremantly District Cricket Club - LogoFremantle District Cricket Club, established 1886, a club of great tradition, great players, and the home club of many great Australian test cricketers. The formation of FDCC can be traced back to 9th November 1852. On this day a team representing Fremantle played a team from Perth. On the 4th December 1852 a meeting was held and as a result the first committee was formed. In 1885 the Western Australian Cricket Association (W.A.C.A.) was formed and Fremantle joined the following year. From then until 1921 the club competed, sometimes in the W.A.C.A. and other times in local Fremantle District competitions.

From 1921 until present we have been part of the W.A.C.A. competition, however during World War II when we joined with Claremont in a one day competition. We transferred to Fremantle Park in the early 1880’s, then to Fremantle Oval where we played until 1968. In this year we moved to our current location, Stevens Reserve, which is considered as one of the best playing and viewing club grounds in Australia.

The club has won thirteen First Grade and numerous Minor Grade Premierships, together with nine Club Championships. The 1st First Grade win being in 1886/87.

Ten Test players have played with the club, the first being Ernie Jones who was a member of the First Grade premiership team in 1911-12 and most recent is Mitchell Marsh. The first West Australian born Test player was Ernie Bromley who played with Fremantle. In addition two of Australia’s Test team coaches, Bob Simpson and Geoff Marsh played with the club; whilst the current West Indies coach, Otis Gibson, was a Fremantle player. Geoff also coached Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

Over the years Fremantle has also been blessed with considerable talent amongst their Administration and their ability, dedication and hard work continues to reflect in the current Committee.

Mr. John Beattie is the current president of the Fremantle District Cricket Club, Mr. Joseph Piromalli the Head Coach and Mr. Wayne Copeland is the Assistant Coach.

Global Cricket Community congratulates Fremantle District Cricket Club for their numerous achievements and significant contribution to the game of cricket by running a quality cricket club from such a long period of time. Global Cricket Community wishes FDCC all the best for the future.


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