Perth Cricket Club - LogoPerth, capital of Western Australia (W.A) hosts one of the oldest cricket clubs in W.A namely “Perth Cricket Club” (PCC). The Perth Cricket Club (PCC) was formed on May 23rd 1862 and Mr. J. B. Roe was the first Chairman and Captain of the Club. Being one of the oldest clubs in Australian Cricket, PCC has given some of the biggest names to play cricket for Australia namely Dennis Lillee, Rod Marsh & Adam Gilchrist.

Perth Cricket Club is affiliated with Western Australian Cricket Association and has four senior mens team, four junior teams (U13, U14, U15 and U17), two ladies teams (U-18, U-15). The clubs main ground is located at Fletcher Park, Weston Street, Carlisle 6101, Western Australia.

The Perth Cricket club have a structured hierarchy, and the club operates like a complete organization. The club has dedicated and unique main coach and assistant coach for all the different teams, also have four types of specialist coaches’ positions namely (Fielding, Batting, Seam Bowling and Spin Bowling).

The Perth Cricket Club plays in various leagues and competitions of the Western Australian Cricket Association (W.A.C.A) 2015/2016 such as:

  • WACA: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade & 4th Grade
  • WACA: WADCC Statewide T20 Qualifying
  • WACA: Colts League
  • WACA: Masters Competition
  • Under 17 (WACA: WADCC Shield (District (U17))
  • Under 15 (WACA: Watkins Shield (District (U15))
  • Under 14 (WACA: McKenzie Shield (District (U14))
  • Under 13 (WACA: Inverarity Shield (District (U13))
  • WACA: Statewide T20 Finals

The club has a detailed website having records straight from the formation of the club and statistics/reports of the matches since 1995/96 season. It also has a Facebook page which actively posts all the information about the clubs achievements, matches, fixtures etc. In the year 2012/2013 PCC celebrated its 150th year since formation of the club back in 1862. Currently John Lindsay continues his long reign as the club’s President and continues to make an invaluable contribution to the club on and off the field.

Global Cricket Community congratulates Perth Cricket Club for being a role model cricket club in terms of Structure, Heritage and High Quality Cricket contribution to Australia Cricket and the world.

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