Staten Island Cricket Club is situated in Livingston, Staten Island, New York, USA, and was founded on March 22nd 1872. The late Mr. John Brebner, was the secretary of Staten Island Cricket Club for 15 years, vice president for 10 years and president for 30 years and almost single-handedly kept cricket going in Staten Island Cricket Club.  At club's early ages it was known as the “Staten Island Cricket and Base Ball Club”. In the initial several years of the club, cricket was originally played at St. George on the “Flats” or old Camp Washington Terminal from 1866 to 1886. Mary Outerbridge was the person who brought tennis to the Staten Island Cricket Club in 1874. After this the club became the first tennis venue in the United States. The first national tennis tournament in America was held at the Staten Island Cricket Club on September 1, 1880. Davis Cup, was played at the club in 1880. The club was originally founded by 30 or 40 members who were officers of the British Armed Forces who had migrated to USA. The original name suggests that the club played some role in the development and promote of baseball. The New York Times of Sunday 28th July 1872 reports the results of a cricket match between St. George CC and a Staten Island X1 played at Camp Washington, Staten Island on 7 July 1872, and the result was St. George CC beat the Staten Island X1 by 2 wickets.

On January 18, 1886 Staten Island Cricket Club purchased property which they used as the ground for $40,000. Walker Park, named in honor and memory of a young area resident, Randolph St. George Walker Jr., a World War I hero, has been the home of the club since. Since the Club was founded, they have played cricket each and every year and it is a pride fact for Staten Island Cricket. Games were scheduled during the week, at weekends, holidays or whenever possible. The first game was played on Walker Park on July 5, 1886. This game was the annual match between the American and English members of the club. “The new grounds and clubhouses of the Staten Island Cricket Club were thronged by the cricket enthusiasts and members of the Ladies’ Outdoor Amusement Club.

On July 18, 1886, The Staten Island Cricket Club played against Merion Cricket Club, of Philadelphia. Both the side played with 12 players and interesting fact was only 79 runs was made by both the side on the first inning.

Over the years Staten Island Cricket Club has arranged, and has itself gone on various tours and hosted many touring teams, such as  Gentlemen of Ireland, 1879; English Cricketers, August 17, 1886; West Indies, September 13 and 14, 1886; SICC (2 week tour) of West Indies, August 1, 1887; English on tour, 1881; Australians (test team!) vs All New York team, October 4, 1893; a combined Oxford and Cambridge Team, September 1, 1895; English cricketers, September 14, 1897; Canadian and English ( War Mission Team), July 20,1918; Australian team, July 18, 1932 (Bradman scored 35); Queensland, Australia, July 8, 1962; SICC Tour of West Indies, March 12, 1967; MCC team  vs SICC, September 3, 1967. Some other teams visiting: Hyderabad Blues of Pakistan; New Zealand Touring Team; Old Collegians of Australia; Touring Teams from several West Indian Islands as reported by The New York times.

Sir Everton Weeks (played in 1967 with MCC vs a New York team), Sir Garfield Sobers (as part of the belated 1988 100th anniversary at Walker Park), W.G.  Grace, Indian Prince K.S.Ranjitsinhji, Allan Border and a young Geoffrey Boycott, this are the famous cricketer have played in Staten Island Cricket Club ground.

Other than cricket there are several other games played in Staten Island Cricket Club such as golf (in 1898), soccer (in 1909 and 1912), Lacrosse (in 1887), football (in 1893) and squash racquets on (November 10, 1937 as per The New York Times report. In 1925 Staten Island Cricket Club sold Walker Park to the Staten Island Academy. It was afterward purchased by New York City in 1930 for $110,000.00 and transferred to the Parks Department in 1931. In the 2000s the club participated in competitive matches in the New York Metropolitan and District Association League.

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